D’Bun Signature Baos 利满手工包

D’Bun Baos and Steamed Dim Sum

D’Bun’s Baos (手工包) are steamed every morning for freshness and quality. The baos  are hand-wrapped with a thin dough skin by our chefs daily which requires skill and deftness. We at D’Bun only use premium flour for our bao skin that holds generous portions of fillings. The quality is evident – our baos are springy to the bite and does not stick to the teeth.


D’Bun Signature Savoury Meat Baos:

  • Mini Charsiew Bao (叉烧包)– D’Bun’s signature Bao. Only premium pork shoulder and pork loin is used, carefully charcoal roasted the traditional way to produce a beautiful smokey charsiew which is then used to make the fillings for our charsiew bao.
  • Charsiew Roast Pork Bao (叉烧烧肉包)-  Our charsiew baos mixed with freshly roasted chunks of roast pork – this is D’Bun’s charsiew roast pork bao. The charsiew roast pork bao is unique to D’Bun.

Siew Yoke Pau

  • Pork Bao (大肉包)- Our large savory pork bun is filled with premium pork cut into chunks, and topped with a sliver of hardboiled egg. The pork is marinaded and cooked in our proprietary sauce and a dash of rice wine to produce a hearty rustic bao. 
  • Chicken Bao (鸡肉包) – D’Bun’s chicken bao is made with tender chunks of chicken thigh meat(鸡腿肉). Only the best cuts are used, and the result is a mouthwateringly delicious and juicy bao.


Vegetarian Baos

  • Vegetable Bao (菜包)- A mid-sized pau filled a savoury vegetable mix which includes turnip, carrot and mushroom. One for the vegetarians.
  • Lotus Paste Bao (莲蓉包)- A sweet mini-sized bao filled with smooth lotus paste. Vegetarian-friendly.
  • Tau Sar Bao (豆沙包)-  A delicious traditional bun filled with red bean paste. Another good vegetarian choice.
  • Yuan Yang Bao (鸳鸯包) –  A bao which is getting increasingly rare these days,  it is  a bun filled with a delicious mix of Lotus paste and Red Bean paste, with a salted egg yolk in the middle.  The yin-yang effect achieved is a taste which is a fine balance between sweet and savoury.



Steamed Dim Sum

We also carry other steamed dim sum favourites such as Fan Choy (饭菜), Lor Mai Gai (糯米鸡) and Siew Mai (烧卖). We are confident you will find one or two of our Siew Mai (烧卖)alongside our Fan Choy (饭菜)or Lor Mai Gai (糯米鸡)a simple and hearty meal.