D’Bun Mooncakes 利满中秋月饼

Moon Cakes

db mooncake 2013

Another range of festive products we are known for; we sell moon cakes under our own brand and also on a white label/OEM basis to fine hotels and restaurants.

We produce the complete suite of mooncake styles including:

  • snow skin  
  • traditional baked
  • baked pastry

We are best known for our snow skin moon cakes. They come with our smooth textured snow skin which melts in your mouth to quickly reveal our beautifully-blended fillings like durian, green tea, red bean or lotus paste. We have a particularly strong following for our durian snow skin moon cake, where the filling is premium durian pulp and not paste mixed with cream or thickeners.


Our traditional mooncakes are baked fresh using fillings blended so that they are not overwhelmingly sweet and come in several traditional varieties.

Lastly, we have our filo pastry style moon cakes. These are produced in limited quantity and sold almost exclusively by order to our most discerning customers to ensure utmost freshness. These unassuming looking mooncakes are filled with various combinations of lotus paste, red bean paste and/or salted egg yolk and come wrapped in a soft filo pastry. As simple as it sounds, the result is delicate, balanced and delectable.

We look forward to serving you at the next mid-autumn festival.