D’Bun Longevity Buns/Auspicious Gift Hampers 利满寿桃礼篮

Longevity Buns/Auspicious Gift Hampers


Longevity buns/Shoutao/Shou Bao in their various names, are buns traditionally made in the shape and color of a peach (寿桃), and they are a staple of Chinese celebrations. Shoutaos symbolize health and longevity, making them a traditional mainstay of birthdays. They are also presented during special cultural and religious occasions. Pictured above is a 38 piece shoutao in heart shaped hamper.

At D’Bun, our longevity buns are hand-made with a thin, supple skin, generously filled with lotus paste. Another variation is in the shape of the Lotus Blossom, a lotus pasted filled bun handcrafted to resemble a blossoming lotus flower.

Yuan Bao

We also make a rabbit-shaped longevity bun, called the dBunnie  that is appropriate for occasions like Easter, children’s parties, and baby first month celebration. Pictured depicted is a full moon ingot basket that comes with dBunnies, angkukueh, red eggs and glutinous rice.

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