D’Bun Chinese New Year Products

Chinese New Year

When Chinese New Year comes around,  families stock up on treats for visiting friends and relatives. D’Bun offers many traditional Chinese New Year products which are popular with our customers.

  • Pineapple Tarts – One of D’Bun’s signature and bestselling products.  Creamy, buttery and soft pastry with a tangy pineapple jam. D’Bun also offers other flavors to the ubiquitous tart with pineapple-raspberry and pineapple-blueberry fillings which are unique to D’Bun.

  • Kueh Makmur – another specialty of ours which is the Malay version of the prosperity biscuit


  • Kueh Lapis – available plain or with prunes
  • Love Letters (鸡蛋卷)
  • New Year Cake (年糕)
  • New Year Fish – our special take on this festive product that is symbolic of abundance and properity is actually a cold durian pulp cake

  • Assorted cookies – almond, hazelnut, peanut butter, green bean, pistachio cashew and sugee cashew just to name a few
  • Shrimp roll

We look forward to helping you stock up ahead of the next Chinese New Year.