Baked Products

While the paus are our best-known products, our loyal customers know that we have some pretty awesome baked products that are produced in limited quantities each day.

  • “Chan” Bun (餐包) – One of D’Bun’s most popular items, the Chan Bun is a soft fluffy baked bun filled generously with our signature charsiew. They taste as good fresh and toasty from the oven or eating them cold.


  • Tapioca Kueh (木薯糕) – Baked fresh each day, the humble tapioca is transformed into a delicious traditional snack full of taste with a slightly chewy texture. Fresh tapioca mash and coconut milk are used to make this kueh, mildly sweetened to enhance the natural flavors of the tapioca. A simple, delightful treat.
  • Puffs and Tarts (酥与挞) – If you are looking for dim sum pastries, you will find at our store quality puffs and tarts like our egg tarts (蛋挞) or our char siew puff (叉烧酥).