About Us


SINCE 1991

D’Bun 利满  has been quietly plying its trade in the heritage zone of Joo Chiat, a traditional bakery famous for its handmade baos and dimsum, specialising in our Signature Mini Char Siew Bao and traditional longevity buns (寿桃), which has been prepared the exact same way as when D’bun first started. With a touch of local flair, D’Bun continues this food heritage of the Chinese into modern day Singapore. 


Uniquely Singapore

Here at D’Bun, we take pride in our handmade local delicacies and specialise in a wide range of hand-made steamed baos, traditional baked pastries such as egg tarts and the long lost “chan” bun (餐包) filled with juicy, sweet and savoury fragrant char siew.  Our soft, buttery traditional pineapple tarts; freshly baked “crispy” traditional mooncakes, melt in your mouth snowskin mooncakes, juicy and succulent bak zhang,  and our rich and decadent salted egg fish skin are among the many items our customers love and keep coming back for more and we present to you flavours you can never find else where. True to the spirit of tradition, D’Bun adheres to traditional methods of food preparation, and continues to roast its charsiew in-house over a charcoal fire to impart a smokey flavor into our famous char siew bao. 


Is extremely important and vital to us and we constantly strive to produce new innovative products for our customers. Our interesting items include our Char Siew Roasted Pork Bao, Korean Spicy Chicken Bao and our secret (by request) Chilli Prawn Bao!

Have a special Occasion?

D’Bun also caters for special occasions such as longevity buns (寿桃) for birthdays, religious and Chinese cultural events, baby first-month (满月) food gift sets, and items for festive occasions such as  Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat Festival. 
We are also a white label manufacturer of dim sum, festive foods and longevity buns for caterers, hotels and restaurants.
At D’Bun, we take pride in providing delicious food for our customers, and in doing so we hope to help preserve a slice of Singapore food culture and make our much loved products accessible to all. Do check out our product page for more details!