Since 1991, D’Bun 利满  has been based in Katong, quietly plying its trade in the heritage zone of Joo Chiat, a traditional bakery famous for its handmade baos and dimsum. The humble Bao originated in China 2000 years ago, a staple which is ubiquitously Chinese. D’Bun continues this food heritage of the Chinese in modern day Singapore. 
D’Bun manufactures a wide range of hand-made steamed baos, traditional baked pastries such as egg tarts, siew bao, kaya tarts and its highly popular “chan” bun (餐包), on top of other savoury and local delights. True to the spirit of tradition, D’Bun adheres to traditional methods of food preparation, and continues to roast its charsiew in-house over a charcoal fire to impart a smokey flavor to its famous charsiew bao. 
D’Bun also produces and package foods for special occasions such as longevity buns (寿桃) for birthdays, religious and Chinese cultural events, baby first-month (满月) food gift sets, and items for festive occasions such as  Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat Festival. 
We are also a white label manufacturer of dim sum, festive foods and longevity buns for caterers, hotels and restaurants.
pumpkin cake
At D’Bun, we take pride in providing delicious food for our customers, and in doing so we hope to help preserve a slice of Singapore food culture and make our much loved products accessible to all.